Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity

28 September 2019

Can’t believe we did it again. The first ‘Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity’ event held today! A stepping stone to more focus group consultations haha! It took a remarkable group of passionate individuals who believe in the importance of Biodiversity to gather together to discuss new ideas! It was a challenge to inform people about the CBD and how it relates to us in Singapore. Nonetheless, we managed to pull it off. We hope the rest in ASEAN and Asia MAB YOUTH FORUM 2019 for Asian and Pacific Participants can conduct theirs soon! All the best!

I will to thank Shawn Lum for mentoring the team and allowing us to take on the challenge of getting people to realise the importance of Biodiversity and the CBD.

Tina Liow for doing a remarkable job of organising these events! Having the same conviction and willpower to bring Biodiversity to the next level. I am deeply grateful for your hardwork and sacrifices haha!

Shawne Goh thank you for accepting my offer of doing this project together. I hoped it was a good learning experience and you have definitely punched above your weight!

The FACILS I am very heartened that you have taken precious time off in your work and weekend to facilitate this session. You guys have done a wonderful job!

Mika Mei Jia Tan for inspiring me to do the important thing which is bringing people together for Biodiversity! I hope as an AYBL, I have achieved the goals. And for believeing in me and supporting my training as a facilitator!

GYBN Southeast AsiaASEAN Centre for Biodiversity for your support, guidance and encouragment to conduct these consultations!

There’s hope for a better future and Biodiversity for all!

Written by Karl Png

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