Summary of Bukit Batok Hillside Park Proposed Developments EIA feedback gathered

Dear Friends of Nature, about three weeks ago, we put up a form to gather feedback regarding the planned development at the Bukit Batok Hillside Park area. We have read through the feedback and highlighted your concerns in an email to HDB. As we await their reply, the infographics below give a quick summary of the responses we had gathered, as well as SYVB’s stand.

Feedback for Bukit Batok Hillside Park Development Project

Dear Friends of Nature, on 6 June 2020, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report was published regarding the planned development work at the Bukit Batok Hillside Park area. Although the forest and stream site may not be very big, we believe that it still has conservation value and may have bigger implications on conservation in Singapore. Do check out the infographic below to find out more

We also believe that it is important for your feedback regarding this planned development to be heard. As such, do fill up the feedback form (link below) for us to better understand the concerns that you may have. Do note that the feedback form closes on 11 July 2020 (direct responses to HDB on this development closes on 16 July, link in the feedback form).

We recommend that you read through the report and the infographic before delivering your feedback.

Feedback form:

Full EIA report:

– A project by Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity (SYVB) facilitators, Ke Yao and Nasry.

Biodiversity & Palm Oil

Dear Friends of Nature, as we all know, palm oil is a key ingredient in many of our day to day products. However, there are serious implications from the unabated use of it and one of the most obvious manifestations in Singapore would be haze. Do check out the infographic below to find out more!

This also tied in with the 1 July webinar by the People’s Movement to Stop Haze (PM Haze) which aims to explore the causes, effects and solutions to transboundary haze and how everyday residents in Singapore can do our part.

Infographics done by: Nasry

SYVB mentioned in Parliament

SYVB is thankful to be listed as an example of youth activism in Singapore by NMP Anthea Ong during her Adjournment Motion Speech on the 7 Oct 2019. The article “Youth Activisim: What Loving Singapore Looks Like” highlighted the concerns of young people on the future of our nation. As a youth group, we managed to bring the voices of youth to the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity, proving that youths are actively shaping our Singapore and all its biodiversity.

Bringing “Aspirations of the Singapore Youth on Biodiversity” to the Convention of Biological Diversity 2020

Hi guys, in case you’re wondering whether your efforts at the consultations meant anything, well it very much did. The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) mentioned Singapore was the strongest on transformative education in the Aspirations we wrote together. We emphasised on teaching youth about biodiversity and environmental education.

Just recently, GYBN participated at the UN Convention of Biological Diversity Open Ended Working Group 2 meeting. We told the Executive Secretary, countries and stakeholders at the meeting of the consultations that we had and how much Singapore is very much involve in the process. GYBN gave us, the Singapore Youth, the honour to push for a standalone target on transformative education in the framework for post 2020 Biodiversity. It was because of you guys, we managed to do this.

Find out more here!

Post International Week of Biodiversity 2020 Message

The SYVB coordinating team wants to say thank you to those who joined our last two webinars. We beegan our World Bee Day (20 May) seminar with our beexperts co-organised with the 2020 ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Leaders (Singapore). I hope that their beexpertise was insightful and raised the importance of our overlooked pollinators. On International Day of Biodiversity (22 May), we held a panel discussion with our young biodiversity champions. Based on your feedback, we are glad that the discussion was interesting and informative.

As most of us are studying or working from home now, biodiversity volunteering/working opportunities may seem few and far between now. We would recommend that you continue educating yourself about biodiversity matters. We will be posting key events/webinars from time to time on our facebook group. Hence, when the COVid situation eases, you will be more than ready to support biodiversity conservation.

Till then stay safe. stay healthy, stay for BIODIVERSITY!

Find out what other ASEAN youths did for IDB!

SYVB’s International Day of Biodiversity Online Forums!

Did you know that there are two exciting international observances days next week? On Wednesday 20 May we are celebrating World Bee Day, and on Friday 22 May it’s International Day of Biodiversity! Hence, the Global Youth Biodiversity Network designated next week as the International Day of Biodiversity Week. The GYBN and its youth groups all around the world are celebrating by providing various online materials for you and your friends to learn more about biodiversity.

The Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity Team is thrilled to bring you not one, but TWO online forums with bee experts and youths passionate about biodiversity to inspire you to take action to safeguard our biodiversity!

World Bee Day – Myth Busters!
20 May, 3pm, Zoom
Do all bees sting? Do all bees produce honey? Join us for an afternoon of myth-busting with local bee experts and find out more about our friendly neighbourhood pollinators. You won’t BEE-lieve how amazing these little creatures can BEE! (Co-organised with ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Leaders, Elliott Ong and Charlotte Chng)

Sign up here:

What’s Next for Our Biodiversity? – An Online Youth Panel Discussion
22 May, 7.30pm, Zoom
Love Singapore’s nature spaces, and want to do more for them? Think you have no experience as a student to partake in the conservation of Singapore’s biodiversity? Join us for an evening of insightful engagement with youths championing their causes in biodiversity, and find out more about their individual journeys.

Sign up here:

Upcoming Event – What’s Next for Our Biodiversity?

Love Singapore’s nature spaces, and want to do more for them? Think you have no experience as a student to partake in the conservation of Singapore’s biodiversity? Feel like you know nothing but want to help? Join us for an afternoon of insightful engagement with youths championing their causes in biodiversity, and find out more about their individual journeys.

Sign-up at

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The Way Forward for Environmental Education

20 December 2019

Yesterday, from 7pm to 10pm, a group of youths discussed the state of environmental education in Singapore. Organised by Tina and Rou Ming, two youth educators. Facilitated by Ning Xin, an experienced MOE teacher, NSS Every Singaporean a Naturalist (ESN) educator and Mother-to-be, she shared her experience teaching and grooming students in environmental education in our little ‘fireside’ chat.
After doing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, we realised that there is a growing interest in the environment scene among youths. Although a few youths managed to pursue their interests further, there are many who are still interested but unable to find platforms to take their their passion to the next step. These youths are usually graduates from existing environmental programs but unsure where to go next. Hence, mentorship is needed for these ‘lost but very passionate’ youths.
There are many existing environmental programs, workshops and events in Singapore but there has to be more collaboration and unified strategic action. Most Singaporeans have some exposure to the environment programs but it’s time we take the next step of action and leadership to push for better protection of our environment. We need to change mindsets instead of basic awareness. Grooming the next generation of environmental youth leaders might be the key.
We explored what are the skills needed for these youths to develop, how can we recruit them, how should mentors groom these youths…Unfortunately, three hours wasn’t enough.
However, there are exciting plans coming in 2020. Stay tuned…

Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity

28 September 2019

Can’t believe we did it again. The first ‘Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity’ event held today! A stepping stone to more focus group consultations haha! It took a remarkable group of passionate individuals who believe in the importance of Biodiversity to gather together to discuss new ideas! It was a challenge to inform people about the CBD and how it relates to us in Singapore. Nonetheless, we managed to pull it off. We hope the rest in ASEAN and Asia MAB YOUTH FORUM 2019 for Asian and Pacific Participants can conduct theirs soon! All the best!

I will to thank Shawn Lum for mentoring the team and allowing us to take on the challenge of getting people to realise the importance of Biodiversity and the CBD.

Tina Liow for doing a remarkable job of organising these events! Having the same conviction and willpower to bring Biodiversity to the next level. I am deeply grateful for your hardwork and sacrifices haha!

Shawne Goh thank you for accepting my offer of doing this project together. I hoped it was a good learning experience and you have definitely punched above your weight!

The FACILS I am very heartened that you have taken precious time off in your work and weekend to facilitate this session. You guys have done a wonderful job!

Mika Mei Jia Tan for inspiring me to do the important thing which is bringing people together for Biodiversity! I hope as an AYBL, I have achieved the goals. And for believeing in me and supporting my training as a facilitator!

GYBN Southeast AsiaASEAN Centre for Biodiversity for your support, guidance and encouragment to conduct these consultations!

There’s hope for a better future and Biodiversity for all!

Written by Karl Png

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