The Team

We are a small team of youths who are deeply passionate about our biodiversity. We aim to gather the voices of Singapore’s youths, and represent them in local and global settings.

Karl Png

ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Leader (Singapore)

Karl is a young botanist. Inspired by the pioneer naturalists, he has embarked on many biodiversity-related projects and is aka the ‘Plant Doctor’. His main interests lie in biodiversity, plants and youths. He is also a member of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN). Ultimately, he hopes to create a better world for biodiversity and people.

Tina Liow

Science Educator, Science Centre Singapore

Tina is an NUS Life Sciences graduate, currently working as a Science Educator at Science Centre Singapore. She is passionate about environmental education and youth empowerment. Having researched on the behaviour and diet of smooth-coated otters, and as a member of the Otter Working Group, she is mildly obsessed with otters.

Shawne Goh

Undergraduate, National University of Singapore

Shawne is an NUS undergraduate student majoring in Life Sciences. She loves nudibranchs, and her favourite natural habitats in Singapore are the beautiful submerged reefs of our southern shores. She is excited about sharing Singapore’s magnificent biodiversity with people, and is very keen to know more youths who are interested to join the growing community.

Edric Wong

Undergraduate, National University of Singapore

Edric is a self-styled quirky individual intending to do majors in political science and management. He has a fond liking for our local flora and fauna, and enjoys strolling around the Botanic Gardens. He has also been actively contributing to environmental causes since his pre-university days, including volunteer stints with the National Environment Agency and the National Parks Board.

The Facilitators

Our events were only possible with the support of SYVB’s current and past facilitators:

  • Xu Wei Ting
  • Shawn Ng
  • Wong Wei Jian
  • Yu Chew Peng
  • Magena Yeo
  • Tan Rou Ming
  • Jia Jun Lam
  • Yew Ke Yao
  • Ernst Kwok
  • Muhd Nasry
  • Natalie Quah
  • Joleen Chan
  • Edwin Wong
  • Genevieve Tang
  • Jonas Kittelsen

Mentors and Advisors

The youth consulations and forums were originally concieved together with Dr Shawn Lum, President of Nature Society (Singapore) and Lecturer at Nayang Technological University.

We also want to recognise the guidance provided by many mentors and advisors in the Biodiversity Roundtable and the Singapore nature scene, as well as those in regional and global biodiversity community.

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